5 Most Popular Free Stock Photo Resources: Find Great and High-Quality Photos

Where to find great, beautiful and high-quality photos for your website or blog? Here are the most popular free stock photo resources you can use!


Finding a suitable photo for your next blog post or article is not easy and you know it! We have all been there – a deadline, a pressure, and you need a great photo to top off your creation. But, where to turn in the crowd of stock photo websites and how to find an appropriate image that won’t break the bank?

Luckily, there are there is a growing wealth of free stock photos on the internet. In order to save you some time and energy, we’ve decided to make a list and include the best and most popular free stock photo websites you can use/ All of these websites offer amazing and high-quality photos.

However, before you decide to use a certain photo, remember that all these sites offer free stock photos! But, the license may vary from site to site. Many are CC0 or Creative Commons Zero, meaning they are free to use for any purpose including commercial and private purpose, with no attribution required. The photos from Flickr are usually CC2.0, meaning they are free to use but require attribution. So, we highly recommend you to check the license before you decide to use a specific image. In other words, when in doubt, check the license, if you are in more doubt, get in touch with the photographer, and if you still feel uncertain, don’t use the photo at all.

  1. Flickr – Here you can find thousands of thousands of photos you can use! You can select colors, keywords, minimum size, shape, license, and more.
  2. Pixabay Even though this website does not provide as many photos as Flickr, all of the photos you will see here are released under a CC0 license.
  3. Magdeleine – This is more like an aggregator which generators photos from other free resources. The license can vary, so make sure to check the image before you decide to use it!
  4. Barn Images Here you can find a lot of great pictures! You are free to use all of their photos without attribution.
  5. Pexels They add 10 new photos every day and all of their photos are free to use for commercial and personal needs!

Pick a website you love, choose your favorite photo, and use it for your website or blog!