10 of the Best Websites for Free Stock Photos

Here are the best photography websites for amazing, legal, and free stock photos that won’t endanger your website, blog or online store!

As any other blogger or website owner, you are probably looking for beautiful and free photos, especially of high-quality photos you can use in your articles or web pages! Every time you see a photo, you probably think about how perfectly it would fit your next blog post! But, most of the beautiful photos you see online aren’t free to use. And you can’t risk your online business just so you can add amazing photos.

The photos you see online belong to somebody and that person or company owns the photos and the legal rights to their exclusive use. It makes absolutely no difference whether you are using these photos for just one article or for just one blog post. If you are using them, you are breaking the law. According to the copyright law, you are financially responsible for using copyrighted photos on your website. So, unless you have received a permission or you have bought usage rights, you can’t use or post copyrighted photos.

Grabbing and downloading that perfect photo you see online may seem harmless, but it can hurt you in a serious way. So, don’t you dare to do that to your business or to yourself!

Is there a solution? Yes, you can always use free stock photos!

Where to find beautiful and free stock photos?


There are hundreds if not thousands of websites online that offer high-quality, beautiful, and free stock photos! We realized that it is a real hassle to find a great website that offers free stock photos, so we are going to share the best of the best websites in free CC0 image sources. All of these websites can offer you amazing and breathtaking photos and almost all photos are free to use for both personal and commercial needs!

Here are the 10 best websites you can use for downloading free stock photos:

  1. Picjumbo
  2. Unspash
  3. Death to the Stock Photo
  4. Little Visuals
  5. Magdeleine
  6. Jay Mantri
  7. Gratisography
  8. Picography
  9. Getrefe
  10. Foodie’s Feed

Check these websites, see what kind of photos they offer and whether or not you can use these photos. Before using a certain photo, make sure it is 100% free to use and then download it! Always double check the terms in case some of them changed over time!

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