The Best Photography Websites to Find Free Images for Your New Blog

Where to find free images for your new website or blog? Check these 6 best and most popular photography websites!

Today, one of the most frequently asked questions is - Where can i find free images for my niche site or blog?

You have nothing to worry about as there are hundreds if not thousands of stock photography websites on the internet. All you need to do is open your search browser and go through the most popular websites available.

However, there is one problem - most of the websites on the internet that offer free images are full of low-quality photos. Usually, they are mixed in with complicated paid options with confusing licensing options which make you pretty unsure and unsafe about which ones you can actually use.

For that reason, we have decided to come up with a list of the best and most popular stock photography websites where you can find free and high-quality images for your new website or blog.

Before we introduce you to the list of the best possible websites, let’s talk about the photo usage on the internet. We are sure that almost everyone knows that you can’t just copy or download an image of any website and use it for your own personal needs, for example, using it for your own blog or website. In most of the cases, you won’t be caught, however, it does put you at huge risk to receive a desist or bill or in the worst case - being sued.

You need to keep in mind that there are some serious legal issues of using copyrighted photos and you should inform yourself before you make a mistake.

Here is a list of the most popular photography websites you can use for finding and downloading free images:


  • Shopify Free Images  - This is a great resource you can use for finding free and excellent photos you can use for your blog. When using this website, you should keep in mind that different photos have different restrictions, so before you use a photo, make sure to check the attribution and copyright requirements. If you don’t like some of the free images.
  • Flickr - Another popular platform you can use for finding great images for your blog or website. Flickr is growing in popularity every single day and you can find free photos that are available for use on your blog by searching and using creative commons license.
  • MorgueFile - This photography website has a large selection of free images that you can use on your blog or niche site. If you decide to use some of their free photos, you will be asked to link back from your blog post or niche site to the source.
  • Dreamstime - A very popular platform where you can find a good selection of royalty free stock photos. If you want you can use their paid images as well for a fee as low as $0.26.
  • FreeFoto - This platform offers over 100.000 free photos you can use for your blog. You probably will have to provide attribution, as well as, link back to the source. Most photos available on FreeFoto include a small watermark in the right corner of the photo that says freefoto.com.
  • Pixabay - This website offers easy access to photos. The best part is that the photos can be included in your blog without attribution to the source.

These 6 resources are more than enough to find the photos you need for your blogs or niche sites!